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Has a new wave of militancy begun in Swat?

By Adnan Bacha
Swat: The new wave of terrorism in Swat has once again made the public worried, eight people including a member of the peace committee were killed in a remote control bomb blast in Bara Bandai, seven employees of a mobile company were kidnapped and members of the provincial assembly were threatened and the threatening letters for ransom have given rise to many questions. The public has become an outcry against the new wave of terrorism.
Last day, a remote control bomb exploded on the car of Idris Khan, a member of the Peace Committee, in Bara Bandai Kotke area of Kabal Tehsil of Swat, in which Idris Khan, two policemen, and five passers-by were killed.
According to District Police Officer Zahid Nawaz Marwat, the bomb was planted in the middle of the road, a loud explosion occurred as soon as the car of the peace committee member arrived, after the incident, a heavy police force reached the scene and collected evidence from the scene. Also, the bodies of the deceased were shifted to Saidu Sharif Hospital for post-mortem.
According to the police, a search operation has been started in the area after the incident, while check posts are being established at all entrances and exits of Swat.
The funeral prayers of the two policemen were offered at the police line, which was attended by senior police officers.
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Mahmood Khan expressed regret over the incident and said in an ongoing statement that he will not allow further unrest in the province, he also directed the IG Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police to submit a report on the incident.
Just yesterday, seven employees working in the mobile company tower in the Jana area of Tehsil Matta were abducted by unknown persons and demanded a ransom of 10 crores. Two people are still in their possession.
Sardar Khan, a member of the provincial assembly in Swat, received a threatening letter in which it was written that the money should be paid if life is dear, otherwise be prepared for serious consequences, after which the son of the member of the provincial assembly contacted the Khwaza Khela police. FIR has also been registered in the station.
In Swat, on August 8, five people, including DSP Pir Syed, were abducted by the Taliban in the mountains of Matta. On August 15, the police had also set up a check post at the place where the presence of the Taliban was reported.
After the recent wave of tension in Swat, fear has once again spread among the people and many questions are arising in people’s minds, how did the Taliban come back? Why are the government and the Taliban negotiating without including the people of Swat? Why is the wave of terrorism being fueled in Swat once again?
Zafar Hayat, a social worker of Swat, while talking about this, said that we have taken many funerals before, we have become homeless, we have seen destruction, we cannot see destruction anymore, we cannot be a part of war anymore.
“Government should explain its position to the people here in the context of recent events, why the Taliban have returned, and what factors are involved in their return here.” He added
Former federal minister Murad Saeed also released a video last night in which he addressed the unknown masked men and those who brought them, saying that the DSP was kidnapped earlier too. Threats have been and continue to be given to our MPs which is beyond comprehension.
Murad Saeed further said that when the Taliban had gone back, why did they come again? Why is Blood bath being played in Swat again?
“We have established peace in Swat and Malakand division after a lot of sacrifices which will not be allowed to be sabotaged. Those who bring the Taliban together should put forward their position and remove the unrest spread among the people.” He added
Murad Saeed also appealed to the people of Swat to stand up after the recent tension and support us so that peace prevails and further destruction does not become our destiny.
In the context of the tense situation in Swat, where on one side people are suffering from fear, on the other hand, the civil society of Swat has come out on the streets for peace. A demonstration for peace was held in Nishat chowk, in which people belonging to different sects of thought participated.
Shahab Shaheen, a participant in the demonstration, said that the government should play its role in establishing peace in Swat, if the government does not do so, we will have to take up arms.
Like Swat, in other areas of the province, opposition and government officials have received threatening calls and letters demanding ransom


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