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Locals demanded action against MPA Fazal Hakeem for violating Corona SOPs

IMG 20210501 WA0068 - Locals demanded action against MPA Fazal Hakeem for violating Corona SOPs

By Adnan Bacha

SWAT: local people in Madyan area storm shopping mall where Member Provincial Assembly Fazal Hakeem was invited to the inaugurate the newly erected mall at Madyan area of ​​Swat yesterday. where the shopping mall was formally inaugurated. The local shopkeepers and traders in droves entered the premise of the shopping mall and forcefully stop the MPA who was amid a hundred of his supporters and stopped him from inaugurating the mall.
The traders and shopkeepers charged by lockdown lamented the MPA for attending the opening ceremony amid the lockdown by saying, the government had been forcing the shopkeepers to comply with its lockdown strategy whereas, its own MPA had turned up at the opening ceremony along with his hundred if supporters. 
” We are told of the lockdown on Friday and Saturday, however, this MPA of the ruling government turned up at this event without bearing in mind the fear of virus spreading and lockdown.” The shopkeeper said, adding that both the MPA and owner of the Mall had violated the sops and lockdown and therefore he urged the authorities to take legal action against both of them and their supporters present at the ceremony.
The same shopkeepers who didn’t want his name to be mentioned said, they had been totally down financially by this lockdown and had yet not recovered from the losses that were inflicted on them by the previous lockdown in their area. 
” We are going with the instructions given to us by the administration and that’s why we are cooperative with them for the sake of putting an end to the virus spread,” he said, adding that they were astonished to see how an MPA could come, çrushing sops under feet and attend the opening ceremony.Another trader of the Madyan area also lamented MPA and his supporter and demanded the authorities to take action against them for their non-serious act.
 Assistant Commissioner of Bahrain, Hidayatullah Khan, rushed to the scene of the charge and registered a case against the owner of the shopping mall for violating SOPs under NDMA 33 Act. However, MPA Fazal Hakeem’s name was not included due to which the local people and shopkeepers of Madyan were not happy.
In this regard, when the top officials of the district administration were contacted, they confirmed a case registered against the mall’s owner but didn’t speak as to why MPA’s name was barred from the case.


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