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Oxygen plant installed at Saidu Sharif Hospital

Oxygen plant installed at Saidu Sharif Hospital 960x530 - Oxygen plant installed at Saidu Sharif Hospital

By Adnan bacha

Swat: A Centralized Oxygen Plant has been installed at Saidu Sharif Hospital because of the increase in the number of COVID patients in the personal interest of Chief Minister Mahmood Khan. The plant will provide 24 hours oxygen to COVID patients. According to the spokesperson of Saidu Sharif Hospital, the capacity of the oxygen plants is 8400 m3 which will ensure an uninterrupted supply of oxygen gas to all the patients of COVID 24 hours a day. The spokesperson said that the plant will provide uninterrupted oxygen gas to all the departments of the hospital, 90% of the oxygen load on the hospital will be eliminated, the plant will meet the need of critical patients of all districts of the Malakand division promptly. The plant has a capacity of 249 CFT Oxygen cylinders. The oxygen plant was installed due to the personal interest of the Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. There were rumors of oxygen shortage in Saidu Sharif Hospital for the last several days due to which the installation of the oxygen plant was in dire need of time. A spokesman for Saidu Sharif Hospital said the hospital was currently providing oxygen to all patients and there was no shortage of oxygen. According to figures released by the health department, four more people have died of the coronavirus in the last 24 hours, leaving a total of 282 people dead. While 17 more have contracted the virus. Since the confirmation, the number of infected people has reached 7584 out of which a total of 6766 people have recovered.


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